Thursday, March 29, 2007


Some things start getting systemized.

At first I just couldn't accept it with the heart that Winston gave up. Yes, he had gone through many horrible things, yes they had broken his will, yes it all deeply affected his mentality. But broken things could get fixed I believed (and still do - with small correction - not *always*). Maybe not 100% - there would be left scars (mostly psychological) and other reminders; but in general everything would 'accrete'. Like Julia said "they can't get *into* you"; they wouldn't be able to change the kernel. But it wasn't just breaking the will like breaking a stick. It was not breaking at all. They turned him inside out, scraped out everything, every thought, every feeling, and then stuffed him with thoughts and feelings they needed him to have. It was not Winston any more - it was stuffed Winston literally and figuratively. A scarecrow - stuffed with loyalty to the party, doublethinking, hatred against party's foes, love towards the big brother.

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