Tuesday, May 26, 2009

sunday - canoeing

i'm gonna skip saturday for now as i uploaded photos from canoeing trip first.

we arranged to meet at 9.45 in Madison. somehow we were the first to arrive :)) i met with Tasha's dad Rich who was the organizer of the trip. he was a very nice and funny man. the company was big - and i didn't know the majority of people. there was us, Tasha and Jason, Gregg and Cathlene, Tasha's sister Tara and her friend Randy, and that was it for me. the other's were mostly Rich's friends - older than us.

once everything was ready we drove to the place - something like a little camp. from there a van took us to the starting point at the river. everybody got into canoes and we started off. it was cloudy and rained slightly which wasn't fun and everybody hoped the weather would not go worse - and it didn't :)

(Jason and Tasha, Tara and Randy)

it was very relaxing - slowly moving down the river, socializing. every so often several canoes would stick together and nobody would row - just float. sometimes canoes would bump into each other. that's how people would get accquainted - "hello my name is... and this is.. and we are about to bump into you" :D

we would make little breaks - to have some snacks or to rest a bit, or for other needs :D

this was the first break - and this was when my camera was discovered. some people made comments, and then were wondering if it's waterproof. they decided i was a brave girl to take such an expensive camera without protecting it from water (i did protect the lense - i had a UV filter on so that water wouldn't get on the lense itself). to the question "what if you fall into water??" i replied "i'm just not going to :)". i wasn't because i had a camera on me :D and well if you don't do this:

this will not happen:

i did want to wrack our canoe though - so that Michael would end up in the water - even though i would to it would be worth it. but oh well then next time - when i don't have a cam with me :D

then somehow it turned out that all canoes stopped at the same place. and somebody called "camera girl! take a photo". i said okay.. and i stood up in the canoe which made people go "oh my god she's standing up!!!" but it was safe! canoes were sticked together so tightly and Michael was holding ours stand completely still, so it wasn't that crazy.

we were in the middle so i didn't end up getting one picture of everybody :( but oh well.

at one of the stops there was a tree almost parallel to the ground. i liked Tasha's attitude "let's climb that tree!!!" so we did. then i passed the camera and we starting showing off. this is Irina the tourist, Tasha the cougar, and Catlene the model :D

this lady fell when she was getting out of the canoe (the tricky part).. and i instead of going to help her started taking pictures. yes maybe you're right and i'm a paparazzi.. bad girl anyway :)

and of course there was alcohol - beer, wine, and a cocktail Tasha made for us the girls:

then we got tired and tried to make ourselves more comfortable:

it was so nice to let the guys do the rowing part and just chill out. i was eating an italian sub (long sandwich) at the time and Michael said i could imagine myself in Venice - on a boat, having somebody row, and eating italian food :D however sometimes it was the vice versa :D

and some random illustrated facts:

what a woman can do for a kiss:

trip organizer Rich

somebody got a bad sunburn

my sweet captain of the canoe:

it was a very nice day - got to know different people and talking to them was fun. me and Mike had to retell our story several times :)) and in case somebody reads my blog here's a wiki link about Armenia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armenia and a link to photos http://armeniaphotos.info/.

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