Tuesday, April 28, 2009


i got my work permit! yay! so now i could apply for a social security card doing which would enable getting driver's learner's permit and driver's license in the future. so we had to apply today as they weren't working on saturday. however i thought it would be after Michael came home from work. so i woke up, and went directly to my computer, yet my eyes were half-way open. i messaged Michael to tell him something and he said:

- hey! for lunch i'll come get you and we will go apply for the social security and then have lunch together.

to my question "what?.. oh... when?.." he basically replied i'll head out now but i can leave in half hour to give you some time. i said i could be ready in 10 mins which was a lie and he knew it :D then i started getting documents together and talking to mom.

she was all alarmed and flipping out about a new swine virus found in Mexico. which isn't the best thing to tell to a person who just woke up and already found out she had to get ready NOW().

now people i don't know what you have heard but here is the situation.

the virus started in Mexico and whoever got it died THERE. but people there also die from a hnormal flu and a lot of other things one of the simplest reasons are that they don't have clear water to drink in a lot of places. so that's Mexico. here in America there have been registered 40 cases as i'm typing this. yes you have heard that Ohio is among the states with registered case of the virus. there was only ONE case - a 9 year old boy, who just came back from Mexico. his school is closed now and he is fine after spending some time at the hospital. do you know how many fatal cases have been in America? NONE. so calm down. what for government declaring emergency situation - oh god it's America! they have to! at the airport the security level is ALWAYS orange which means everybody is on alarm. Obama stated that there is a need to be cautios but there is no reason to be scared or panicing!

that much on the matter. then after i discussed and investigated all this and told mom to calm down Michael came and we left. later as it came out my social security card will be ready within 2 weeks. we still went to see if i could get the learner's permit. we were told the paper stating that we are waiting for social security was enough (which we had), but i also needed to take a written test on traffic laws, but the place to do that wasn't working on mondays. so we got the book on traffic laws and left for lunch.

Michael pretty much thought i could take the test without reading that manual because it's a multiple choice test and there are questions like:

-if you see a speed limit sign does it mean
a) you can't drive faster
b) you can't drive slower

so yes if people are not complete idiots they can pretty much handle that :D

however i'll read the book and we will go this week. so then i got home, talked to mom and played WOW.

then Michael came home and in a very excited voice said "hey come here!"
i showed up in the living room and saw Michael going through some mail.

he read the paper to me... which said "welcome to America". thanks guys! you are greeting me kind of early - i've been in this country for only 5 months! you should have waited a year at least! wow what a speed. anyway... the paper said

"congratulations, your process of adjustment of status is finished and you will get the permanent residency card (green card) within 3 weeks".

and the next letter actually contained the CARD!!! it was unbelievable :D!!! i got my green card!!!

the ridiculous thing is... i haven't gotten my traveler's permit yet... which i also don't need now along with the work permit :D i needed those only while i was waiting for the card :D:D

so now we're done! and we can move!! we already looked up some very nice houses and if there are any for rent we will definitely go for those. but that's a different story :)


watcher.am said...

First of all, Congratulations once again !!!!

You did it !! :))))
pa-raaaam-taram-taram-paraaaaam !!!!!

(will you now learn the American Hymn ? and sing it for us ? :D :D)

oh, and about the flue. I have heard about it, and really hope it's exactly the way, you describe in your post. However, you should also be more attentive to all that stuff and take care of yourself, to be sure, that you are healthy !

I heard, there are 1500 sick people in Mexico, and 100 has already died. And the flue is not only registered in America, but already in Spain (a sick person came back from Mexico).

Well, let's see what will come next.

Armine said...

Irene, congratulations!!!! I can imagine how you were looking forward to it!!!! :))) Arriiiva, rivaaa, riiiivaaa!!! (Karen would say,"it's so romantic!" :D )

As for the flue, I think nothing bad will happen to you, don't worry,be happy! ;) Be more optimistic :)