Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I don't get it

I don't understand why here in America people put month/day/year for date instead of day/month/year. it just messes with my mind! it's so illogical! it's like russian dolls - day contained in month contained in year. if you don't like that comparison think of databases where for some interesting reason is how it's stored. i wonder why. Also, notice how you put the year at the end? it's because people tend to know what year it is now. also people tend to know what month it is, just are not sure on the exact day. ugh i just rest my case.

well i guess i won't get it as much as i don't understand why america holds on to hmmm what's it's called? their system of measurement? does it have a name even? instead of using such simple metric system. you don't have to memorize anything in metric system everything is a degree of 10. that's it! that simple! and names are intuitive - decimeter - 0.1 of meter, kilometer = 1000 meter etc. what's even funnier is that in American system the smallest measurement is an inch (=2.54cm or 25.4mm) however when you buy cigarettes they ask which ones? 100s? 100s means 100mm long cigarette. how funny that for such a simple thing people use metric here. well i guess they couldn't say 3.937007874015748 inch long cigarettes :)))

Well and here's a map of countries who don't use metric system:

i'm complaining because i so don't want to deal with.. what's it's name.. american measurement system. every time i have to use my phone converter or google converter to find out what's going on. it's really annoying especially for me who is horrible with memorizing stuff. I bet historians will love the american system of measurement - no logical algorithm - just learn by heart.

i should correct myself though it's the Brits' fault. but they apparently switched to metric :)) it's just so wrong to measure something in some diseased king's foot size. let me get this straight - every time a new king was elected (not elected but you know what i mean) did the measurement change? or they still used the One king's foot size? Also people's feet tend to grow.. so when they agreed on measurement did they specify king's age when his foot was measured or changed the measurement slightly in say every 10 years?

wow i guess i reached the boiling point with this issue. i was just posting a photo on facebook and when i put date on it i added (dd/mm/yyyy) not to make it too confusing for Americans. adding that little remark made me mad i guess lol.

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