Friday, May 16, 2008


1. I've got a new pet, a male budgerigar for my old virgin Lyuki. the new guy's name is Rikky. I hope that he will fix the .. hm-hm .. situation ..with Lyuki :D He's sweet and nice and doesn't scream at the top of his voice all day long like the previous parrot did. So even if nothing turns out of my plans, at least there still will be something good :D
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2. "pet sematary" by Stephen King
i have a lot going on as anybody else. translating the diploma, some other issues. the defense is on 21st and i can't say i have much spare time. however for several days i've been doing nothing but reading this book. it was the first thing i'd do in the morning (well after talking to Michael) and the last thing before i went to bed. it was absolutely crazy and insane for me to be reading it all day long, hour after hour, page after page... but i just couldn't stop as if i had to know the secret, the mystery..... but oh the book shows that there are some secrets that are to be left secrets.
there was a strange effect of this book. at first it seemed scary, especially when people went to that pet sematary, were in the dark woods, heard voices and such. but oh it wasn't creepy or scary later on. it was really terrible not because of going to pet sematary at night.. but because of how something could destroy the family, how wrong it all was, how very not fair.
analyzing the book, i noticed smth peculiar.. Stephen King has used little children in almost all stories i have read. that's part of what gets you. such things should never never never happen to kids. to anyone, but especially to kids. the other thing is that somewhere in the story, when things seem so very bad Stephen Kind will write a chapter that it all was a dream that things were good. too good. and then it would turn out that that good reality was a dream.
i can't say whether i liked the book or not. maybe if at least its end was some different i would like it more. when i read the last word i just shut the book and threw it on the shelf, feeling that i can get back to my activities, free of that book. maybe it was just wrong to me and against my nature.

anyway, enough of this.

3. Mary's defense took place today. she has got "A+" (the best) and is very happy (of course she should be :D) Finally she has graduated from this wonderful circus called university, has a BA degree and is just waiting for their certificate.. oops diploma i mean :D. and yes she is being mean to us, saying that we are still students and that she's already a graduate (not certified just yet). She can be mean until 21st. then we will be uncertified graduates too. really the diploma should also give us medals for the patience and endurance we showed during 4 years, that during the 4 years (why.. 5 really. forgot the prep. course) we have been able to stand them, their dumbness and unlawfulness.

4. oh i don't want to speak about this. this is really another pain in my ass. the Tamanyan website. The guy who worked on it before me (Mika) for some reason moved the site from one domain to the other. so i had to fix things. that was bad but i survived it. BUT. now there is a new problem. the old webmail doesn't exist anymore and its address book is lost. what's my fault? that i didn't back it up. but oh wtf, i had to work on their site and i did back up that. why would i interfere with their mails? i've already done way too much for them and i know it. just it was my first site (order) and i wanted things to be nice.. at the beginning. now me and Mika talked on gmail chat and oh yes it was gossiping but we understood each other from just a word. so now what Hayk Tamanyan wants is that Mika has no access to anything. but the site is on Mika's domain :D from many funny things Hayk believes that creating a webmail is as easy as opening a yahoo account, even he could do that (but he won't of course). and oh the only reason that stops him about buzzing me to be their webmaster is that i'm leaving for IDAHO soon :D:D:D looks a lot like OHIO no? it's stressful... but oh it's getting really funny, as funny as it has never been. i really hope with all of my heart that they will find a webmaster somewhere who will be the whipping boy for them... and i will run away to Ohio :D:D. let them think to IDAHO, they will never find me :D


Anonymous said...

Irina, why don't you upload all (I repeat ALL) photos to your picasa account, so we can view them?
I am doing so. You can find all my shooted photos on here

Irina said...

i'm catching up with things :) i updated both blogs and will upload the photos once i download this picasa tool (hopefully today, tomorrow the latest)