Monday, July 20, 2009

the beach

the beach

last weekend we went to the beach the first thing in the morning. we went with Brian and Linzy. they weren't going to take a swim so all we did was lay in the sun and relax. there is more to the beach than meets the eye.. it's one of the best places to watch people... then me and Mike took a short swim and went home.

Mike managed to get a sunburn :)) then later around 5-6 pm Nicole messaged me asking if we'd join her and Steve on the beach :)) i was in doubt and then decided to go.

we went to a different beach and it was so different! we actually stayed in water almost all the time! and the beach itself.. it didn't get deeper and deeper as you went further but instead it stayed the same! i felt more confident and started regaining my swimming powers :)) the other thing was.. there were no big waves so we could swim uninterrupted across the shore.

Earlier Mike showed me how to flip in water. i somehow managed to do it right.. it felt weird though - for a moment i couldn't understand where my head and where my tails where :)) then later as if it wasn't enough Steve was teaching me and Nicole to stand on hands in water. the couple of times that i managed to do it sort of right i just touched the sand underwater! then we were throwing american football ball to each other and it was fun!

those were 2 different kinds of beach activity and both were fun in their own ways... but i personally prefer the second one :)

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