Wednesday, August 27, 2008


our company decided to spend 2 days at Sevan. Our company = me, Alex, Anya, hers sister Asya, Vahick... and we had an unexpected addition - Vahan, who was Anya's boyfriend, now it's difficult to say what he was though.

Anyways. We bought much food on the previous day and much drinks. The mini-bus we were to take was to head out at 9.00 am, which was a tragedy for people like us, for who morning starts at 1 pm (approximately). So we decide to meet at Alex's office to get things together, pack food etc at 8.30.

However, we were late for the mini-bus and took a bus instead. at 10.00 am we started our journey. When we arrived, we had to wait for the summer-house owner, which we were to rent. The summer house had 3 rooms. 2 were bedrooms which could fit 1 bed each, the other room was a hall. the place was tiny but we decided to stay since there were no alternatives and anyway we weren't going to spend much time inside. Vahan arrived by then (he came on his own). After unpacking and having some lunch or breakfast or dinner, we went to the beach. the water was cooooold! then it looked like raining and we ran back to our house.

suddenly Mary calls and says "hey i'm on my way, please meet me at this crossroad". we were thinking who was going to sleep outside in front of the summer house because there really was no space for 7th person. In general there was place for 5, and there already were 6 people including Vahan.

Me and Alex walked to that crossroad and started waiting. Then Mary called asked to look to the right, pretending she could see me. but to the right i could see nothing but Sevan, the beach and come clouds. then Mary says that it was a joke, and she just made us walk some.

when we got back and told the rest that it was a joke, they thought that me and Alex were joking and that we hid Mary somewhere! so it took us some time to convince them.

then we had some beer, gin + tonic, and Vahan was listening to loud disco music. we 5 were trying to talk, hoping that Vahick's phone will die eventually. and it did! then me and Vahick were trying to take a photo of stars and the night sky. here it is:

in the second photo you can see Venus.. i guess :)

then we got back and Alex put on some metal music. slowly people started getting sleepy. and well it was around 1.30 am i guess. then Alex remembered that he had brought a book on high mathematics with him and we started looking through it. at 2 am we started getting ready to sleep... and when we were ready nobody wanted to sleep except for Anya and Vahan (who were to sleep together in the hall). so me and Asya sneaked into boy's room and we started playing cards. our giggles and loud noises woke Anya up and she joined us. we went to sleep at 4 am!

at 8 am Vahan woke up, went to the shower... and started singing there! loudly! then probably Anya yelled at him, but it didn't help. i was completely woken up at 8.30. i went for a walk and soon girls and Vahick were up too. We were concerned with "what to eat question" when Vahan informed us that he was going back to Yerevan. to tell the truth we were very happy to hear that. :D then we went out to the church, but didn't go inside and took some photos from that hill instead. then went to the beach. me and Anya took a swim and ten it started raining heavily! we had some vodka to get warm :)

then the rain was over and we took another swim and started sunbathing. it was so nice to feel the warm sunrays on your back, to lay on the beach with friends, and to just close your eyes, think of nothing, to lay listless and listen to the lake...

but just like everything, it had to come to its end, and we had to return to Yerevan...

the trip was great, and we hope that the next year we will get together for a vacation again, and maybe even not in armenia, which will be great!

for photos:
24-25 Aug 2008 - trip to Sevan Sevan

from Alex:

Trip To Sevan


Anonymous said...

Great post! I just felt like I am there again while reading your article.
Irene, you are great writer!

arachesostufo said...

ciao da Venezia.

Irina said...

thanks Alex :) however i missed out a very important part - how you and Vahick were killing flies :D:D but yes the weekend was unforgettable!